Thought Bubble 2012

Guys, this weekend I’ll be exhibiting at Thought Bubble 2012 in that there Leeds. Thought Bubble is the best UK convention I’ve ever attended, no flipping lie. I’ve been to every TB, from the first time it was in some weird crypt, the show has changed and morphed into a mega convention. It went from the crypt to a one glorious day in one giant hall and now it’s in its second year as a two day mega show across two venues. All in 6 years.

What will I be doing at the show? Selling blooming comics and stuff that’s what! No panels or mucking about planned (apart from at the after party, natch) so if you want to find me at all this weekend, you should find me glued to my table. “Marc where is your table?!?” I hear you scream into your monitor/phone. Well I will tell you, Eager-Dude, I am at table 151 in New Dock Hall and you can find that mo-fo’ing table by looking at this handy map (I’ve highlighted the important information)


I’ll be bringing all the bits and pieces you’ll see in the photo at the top of the post, including the hot-off-the-Lithuanian-press  Ellerbisms! Also a variety of  Chloe Noonan comics and merch. I’ll also be bringing some original art including the last remaining pages of Chloe Noonan #1 and for the first time original Ellerbisms artwork. I will not be bringing the radiator with me, sadly.

I probably won’t be doing sketches as it’s just me selling books, though I will be happy to doodle in a book for a small fee. If you’re wondering how much this crap costs, you can check the prices on the store. Bring the exact money or I will stab you in the chest with a Loki-staff stolen from a cosplayer (hahah no it’s cool I have change, unlike some people)


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