Ellerbisms: A Sporadic Diary Comic

The cult autobiographical web-comic Ellerbisms is finally released in a handsome collection.

Ellerbisms is a relationship told in pictures through the autobiographical comics of Marc Ellerby. This brutally-honest comic catches a glimpse into the life of a young couple, their highs and lows, their sighs and LOLs.

Ellerbisms originally ran as a web-comic between 2007 and 2010. The story began with a “joke-of-the-day” structure but as Ellerby meets a Swedish co-worker called Anna and they fall in love the comic concentrates on their life together. The book tells the story of an entire relationship over the course of four years.

The print edition collects more than 200 original strips plus an additional 30 pages of brand new material exclusive to this edition, including a new prologue and epilogue.

RRP £12.99
Paperback, 268 pages. 152mm x 229mm.
Black and white interiors, full colour cover.
ISBN: 978-0957431805

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Book Photos

Here are some photos of the book itself (check out those rounded corners and that spot-varnish!)


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Video Preview



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Waterstones Bluewater, Lakeside, Glasgow, Canterbury.
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Orbital Comics, London
Page 45, Nottingham
OK Comics, Leeds

Foyles, Charing Cross Road
Travelling Man, Manchester
Gnash, Devon
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Digital edition

You can now download Ellerbisms as an eBook from Gumroad and comiXology