Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter


Chloe Noonan is a monster hunter but she doesn’t have any powers. She can’t run without getting a stitch, she can’t punch, jump or kick. She can’t even be bothered with saving the world, especially as she has to get a bus to even track down the nasties. The chosen one, she is not.

Who the heck are these characters?

Chloe Noonan
Everyone’s favourite whinging ginger-ninja. Excels at falling on her bum. Star of this very comic!

Zoe Fox
BFF extraordinaire. Tiny but fiesty. Easily confused by everything.

Professor Barley
Head of the Ravensdale Monster Hunter Unit. Big fan of novelty mugs.

Douglas Stonebridge
Male-pal of Chloe and Zoe. Listens to noisy raa-raa music but is generally a bit of a wimp.

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You can buy comics, tote bags, prints and buttons based on Chloe Noonan from my store!

Digital Omnibus


You can read 150 pages of Chloe Noonan comics by downloading the Digital Omnibus via GumRoad. This exclusive digital edition collects most of the Chloe Noonan comics published so far remastered in full colour. You can also purchase it as a DRM-free comic via the great folk at comiXology.

Fan Art

I’ve made a page collecting all of the Chloe fan art I’ve received. Check it out.